Clinical Pilates

The Power of Pilates

Delivered by degree qualified practitioners, our pilates program teaches movement, strength and stability. Our approach helps you maintain or build a body that allows you to do everything you like to do and, if it’s your goal, a little bit more!

From back problems to knee replacements, to shoulder complaints and other persistent pain, much of our work is focused on rehabilitation. However, the benefits don’t end there. Many clients use Clinical Pilates as part of their overall health strategy, for improved strength to support their chosen pursuits, or prevention against future injury. Whatever your age, shape, size or condition, everyone is welcome at Myolates.

Limiting our class sizes to just three people means you’ll receive lots of one-on-one instructor time … we might even step in and interrupt you, if we feel your body could benefit from a slightly more hands-on intervention! Smaller groups enable us to maintain individuality and continually adapt our teaching as you progress. Each person in a group is guided through what’s appropriate for their body, at their level and pace.

We offer:

  • Class sizes limited to three people
  • Degree qualified practitioners
  • Personalised approached, tailored to individual needs
  • Improved mobility and stability
  • Rehabilitation and injury prevention
  • Improved strength

“(Pilates offers) a sturdy body and sound mind…”

“…fitted to perform every daily task with ease and perfection, as well as to provide tremendous reserve energy for sports, recreation and emergencies.”

Joseph Pilates

Our Process

At Myolates, we are committed to meeting the unique and individual needs of every client. A functional movement and clinical assessment is carried out prior to your first class, enabling a true understanding of you and your body.

We’ll work to identify and diagnose what is driving injury or pain, paying particular attention to the small details that can have a critical impact on positive outcomes. This wealth of information is used to guarantee the most personalised (and beneficial!) experience possible, for every client.

Pilates for Men

The ideal approach to Pilates varies from person-to-person. Despite individual variations, men in general share a few fundamental physical requirements that need to be met to ensure they get the most from their practice. The pioneering work of Joseph Pilates (yes, he was a man!) recognised how developing minor muscles could naturally help strengthen major ones. It’s a bit like building a house, foundations and small bricks added one at a time add up to a strong structure that supports the whole house. His seminal 1940s book Return to Life through Contrology provided the impetus for the modern Pilates movement, and this is the focus of our specially-designed Pilates program for men.

Pilates for Teens

Our teen-only classes can play a vital role in the life of any adolescent, by focusing on connectedness with the body and confidence in your own skin. We work with young people to boost their body awareness, increase social confidence, improve mental focus and support mindfulness. We teach our teen clients about being strong from the inside out, and focus on progress, not perfection.

Myolates also runs a school program that exposes groups of young people to this approach to exercise, while educating them about lifelong mobility, strength and movement. We work with schools, teachers and the students themselves to develop formats that match each school’s own philosophy, while also having maximum benefit for participants.

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Please note, if you haven't visited us before for Clinical Myotherapy or Pilates, please make sure you book your initial assessment prior to your first class, so we can make sure our approach is tailored to suit you.

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